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A community dedicated to the slash pairing, Forge/Mortimer. Crack-ships have never been so cute!

Mortimer Toynbee is known by his fellow Brotherhood members as Toad. Known as a 'pathetic loser' at worst, and 'the kid' at best, Mort is frequently unsure as to where he stands on the team. As hard as he tries, he just can't seem to catch a break.

Johnathan Silvercloud, named 'Forge' is the mechanic of the X-men and his social skills are somewhat lacking. He gets along better with machinery than his teammates, especially Wolverine. Like Mort, Forge figures he may as well try and get a malfunctioning toaster to commend him for his attempts at keeping their hirsute and pointy-clawed leader happy.

Except that in Mort's case, his leader is less hirsute and better manicured, and the BOM often has no toaster to speak of.

Never once have their paths crossed, but a few fans of the characters believe that if this had happened, Forge and Mortimer would have found out they had quite a lot in common. Possibly, they could be mere friends if they met. Or their similarities could rub them the wrong way, reminding them too much of themselves and starting a resentful and pointless enmity with lots of homoerotic wrestling involved, except I think another X-Men slash pairing has already done that.

And quite possibly, they could fall in love.

This comm is dedicated to all approaches to this slash pairing, whether it be essay, art, fiction, poetry, drabbles, crafts, fanmixes, or just a post about a weird dream you had. Not just the pairing, but the characters as well. Got a backstory for Forge? Love to hear it! An alternate universe where Mort's an X-man and Forge is a BOM member? Go for it!

Also, other pairings are more than welcome in this comm, whether slash or het. For example, if anyone should want to do a love triangle with Pietro/Mort/Forge? Oh my god I would die happy that would be really awesome. A deeply introspective Pietro/Dominic or Kurt/Wanda with musings on Mort/Forge? Fine by me.

Let your imagination run wild, but please adhere to the following rules for everyone's enjoyment:

1. Any NC-17 posts, (that is, posts with any kind of smut or full-frontal nudity) whatever medium they are, must be placed under member's only lock. This is for the protection of people who look at this site online at work, or who live with parents/roomates that have been told all about the wonderful virtues of knocking, only to cheerfully forget them again about ten minutes later.

2. If you're doing a chaptered story, please post links to the previous chapters along with your next installments to make it easier to find the first chapter you wrote. The best way to do this is to tag your chapters with the name of your fic and your penname. Please put the title, rating, warnings (these first three are required) and other content (summary, disclaimer, etc.) at the top of each posted chapter.

Also, if you have three or more chapters you want to post at once, group them together in one post - especially if they are shorter than three pages a chapter. Two paragraphs is not a chapter. It is a fart. Please keep your farts to yourself and do not put them in fifty separate posts on the same page. Else, I will hunt you down and *The Cork Association of America has censored the following sentence due to the graphic mention of inappropriate usage of corks.* Got it? Good.

That is all I have for the rules, other than the bit about playing nice and not trolling the boards or each other. But we're all adults, and that really should go without saying because everyone on this board has my trust.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to send me a message if you have any suggestions or questions or sudden phobia of corks. The latter for which I will be deeply sorry, right after I'm done laughing maniacally.

Have fun and enjoy the community! :D

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