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The Outcasts: Age of Apocalypse

Finally colored!

So this is a WATXM (Wolverine and the X-Men) style design of the Outcasts from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. The group, led by Forge, travels the countryside posing as a circus troupe, protected by Mastermind's illusions, in order to keep attention away from them while Forge trains Nate in controlling and using his powers.

This is an alternate universe (because Marvel *NEVER* makes those, what am I thinking? *gasp!*) so some descriptions will be different than the official ones.

From left to right:

Soaron (Karl Lykos)
After an attack injures his wing, grounding him, Soaron receives help from Forge, who has just left Magneto's X-men. Though it's a trial, Forge eventually wins his friendship and loyalty as Soaron recovers. Extremely bad-tempered and reclusive, Soaron often makes sarcastic remarks about the situations the group finds themselves in, and constantly referrs to Nate as a "whelp".

Sonique (Theresa Maeve Rourke Cassidy)
Theresa (also known as Siryn and Banshee, after her late father) is an Irish mutant who possesses a "sonic scream" capable of incapacitating and injuring an opponent's hearing and sending powerful vibrations through the air. She can also use these vibrations to fly. She is taken in by the Outcasts as a young girl after they discover her being held captive by Infinites. Sonique attaches herself to Mortimer (much to his bewilderment), since he is one of the first to arrive on the scene to help rescue her. As she grows up, she remains close to Toad, who she sees as a father figure, and develops strong feelings for Nate Grey.

X-Man (Nate Grey)
Nate was artificially created by Mr. Sinister, using genetic material from Cyclops and Phoenix. Sinister created Nate as the ultimate mutant (both telekinetic and telepathic) and hoped to use him in his own bid for power against Apocalypse. Cyclops, in his many subversive raids on Sinister's pens, helped Nate escape Sinister's hideout. Neither knew their connection to the other. After they became separated, Nate was found by Forge, winding under his tutelage and that of several other mutant outcasts. Forge has begun the long process of teaching Nate how to control his powers as well as the benefits of being a "good guy". Nate is now seeing the horrors of Apocalypse's world firsthand, and is determined to bring him down. As he grows into a man, he discovers his feelings for Sonique.

Forge (Jonathan Silvercloud)
Forge was once a member of Magneto's X-Men. He left them to go his own way and became the founder and leader of the Outcasts, an anti-Apocalypse resistance cell of mutants in the disguise of a traveling theatre group. He has become a father figure and teacher to Nate Grey. His closest friends are Soaron and Toad, though they argue constantly with each other.

Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)
Once a soldier of Apocalypse, Mortimer became disgusted by the senseless killing of non-mutants and let some of the prisoners go. He managed to make it look like incompetence rather than treason, resulting in torture and exile to the desert (rather than being executed). Forge and Soaron found him collapsed, and after a debate as to whether they could trust a soldier, Forge won. Mortimer has proved himself useful as a swordsman and a scout, not to mention an excellent 'Robin Goodfellow'.

Mastermind (Martinique Wyngarde)
After the Sugar-Man tortures her mute in another dimension, Mastermind is found and nursed back to health by the Outcasts. Her illusions keep them safe and hidden on their travels, and sometimes add a bit of flair to their theatrical productions.

Brute (Mark Hallet)
Brute is the muscle of the Outcasts, known for his kindness and immense strength. Though not too bright, he has a heart of gold and has feelings for Martinique that are later returned.

Mini-Series Finale

OH MY GOD I FINALLY FINISHED IIIIIIT! *falls down now* Sorry for the weird fluffy ending. Or maybe I'm not sorry at all . . . I'll get back to you all on that.

19 . Title: Deal with the Devil
Summary: After the hospital fiasco, ‘Pietro’ reveals the truth.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: BoM, Dominic and Neena POV

Dominic swallowed. He wanted to believe her, but he wasn’t sure he could.Collapse )

20. Title: Elegy
Summary: Mort finds his place with the X-men and with Forge, as he grieves.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Mort, Forge, X-men

Two days after his father’s death, Mort had made a decision. He had decided that if one more person popped out of nowhere, looked at him, and said ‘Oh, I’m so sorry,’ they were going to get a spork shoved directly up their ass.Collapse )


Been a while, huh? More from that STILL UN-NAMED mini-series . . . Here’s a master list if you need one:

1) I Can’t
2) Breathe Again ---> (1-3 are all in the same post)
3) Innocence
4) Silence
5) Article
6) Fail with Honor
7) I Miss Who You Were
8) Tragic Inventory
9) Crossroads
10) Forget Who You Are
11) A Fallacy in Your Head
12) Behind the Mirror
13) Alone in a Crowd
14) Guilty Morals

Jeez, 14 chapters . . . I NEED TO NAME THIS THING!!! *palmface*

15. Title: Color of White
Summary: Mort finally gets to see his father and assess the damage.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Gareth, Mort, Forge

Voice breaking, Mort explained everything. It wasn’t a confession he wanted to make, but he was utterly compelled to.Collapse )

16. Title: Ticking By
Summary: The Brotherhood are starting to have their doubts about this job. Neena makes a discovery.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: BoM, Neena POV

He’d always at least told Neena every aspect of the plan. But he was being frustratingly vague about the bomb’s delivery. Now she knew how Mort felt.Collapse )

17. Title: Trip the Wire, Dodge the Glass
Summary: Circumstances require Mort to step up to the plate one last time. But he’s not alone.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Pietro, BoM, Xmen, Forge, Mortimer

Every one of his limbs felt as though needles of fire were lancing through them and Forge was practically supporting all his weight as he helped him out of the room.Collapse )

18. Title: Way Home
Summary: Sometimes finding your way back is more frightening than becoming lost in the first place.
Rating: PG
Characters: Pietro POV

He’d left a little earlier than Father had expected him to, and he felt guilty for it, but he’d been cleared to leave and damn it, he’d wanted to go since this morning.Collapse )

Man, I'm so happy I wrote so many of these! And the end is in sight!
Although a title is still not . . . *keyboard smash* as;lkdjf;lasf
Any ideas? oWo?

[fanart!!!] Long time no see!

Hi guys! It's been hells of long, hasn't it? I'd mostly abandoned LJ in favor of tumblr, I'm sorry. ): Recently though, I was hit with a nostalgic wave of my OTP to end all OTPs, so I drew up some of our babies as a sort of apology.

Let's see if I remember how to work this! Art behind the cut. 

Don't you miss me the way I miss you?Collapse )

Fanart:: Not One Freaking WORD . . .

Did some AoA fanart. I had fun designing their uniform/outfits, but I wish it had turned out better. I got tired. @_@

Not One Freaking WORD
by ~Dendraica on deviantART

I had fun with this one. XD; Oh Mort, your death glare is so not effective right here. Forge loves you anyway, and 1000+ points for not killing Sonique with that sword.

False Sky

Title: False Sky
Rating: R
Summary: After chasing down and stopping cryptic key events that lead to the rise of Apocalypse, it's been a rough day for everyone. Forge wants to show Mortimer something to take the edge off. The results are unexpected, but not at all in a bad way.
Warnings: First time awkwardness

Mortimer made some absolutely beautiful noises when Forge brought him to the edge and over it, noises he'd endearingly tried apologizing for later - but Jon would have none of that.Collapse )



Just wanted to write a couple. These don't have anything to do with the little story-series I was doing, or any story series for that matter. They are in no particular order, and heavily sprinkled with sugary crack granules.

And yes, there is some fluff in them there drabbles. *shifty eyes*

Title: First Aid
Rating: PG-13, blood, language
Characters: Full cast of BoM and X-men
Summary: The Brotherhood have temporarily separated from the X-men on their mutual quest of stopping Apocalypse's Reign, due to irreconcilable navigational differences. They decide to rejoin the X-men at exactly the wrong time, much to Mortimer's imminent woe.

Hands were suddenly steadying him as somebody knelt beside him. Mort felt his bloody hand being pried away and immediately soft pressure was in its place. His vision was met by blue eyes.Collapse )

Title: Approval
Rating: PG-13, so much innuendo omg
Characters: BoM!Pietro, X-man!Mort, and Forge
Summary: Getting over a crush on an overprotective speed-demon can be hazardous

He slammed the heel of his foot down onto Pietro’s instep and then hissed in pain; the man was wearing the usual metal-reinforced boots and Mort had not remembered that. He yelped as Pietro’s mouth clamped over his neck, forcibly sucking a spot there.Collapse )
Like strange My Little Pony versions of my OTPs. I don't even know. Hope someone likes them anyway. XD
Cut for utter sillinessCollapse )

*Blows the dust off the comm*

Ahhh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I wish I had more stuff to bring but RL's been really busy lately. So, all I have right now is these, uh... incredibly angsty ficlets.

I swear, one day I will write more fluff for these two. ONE DAY. God knows they deserve some actual happiness. Until then, have some more angst.

Title: Promise
Rating: PG-13 (cursing, character death, angst)
Characters: Forge/Mortimer (mentioned Bobby, Hank, Kitty)
Summary: They'd fought through hordes of undead to make it this far, but this might just be the one hurdle that Forge can't make it past. Zombie AU based on a play-through of Organ Trail.

PromiseCollapse )

Title: Coma, Warmth, Teeth
Rating: PG-13 (character death)
Characters: Forge/Mortimer
Summary: Three drabbles from the death fic drabble challenge. (Coma is a continuation of sorts to Dead Quiet.)

ComaCollapse )

WarmthCollapse )

TeethCollapse )